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Birželio 30 d. Hormoninė terapija: Duphaston, Klostilbegit, Regulon ir kiti vaistai.

Video Machines Trembling, Chimneys Smoking Maszyny drżące, kominy otok justov The Attic was shut down by its owner Włodzimierz Adamiak inwhile is usually indicated as the end of the Pitch-In Culture.

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The film was shot by Józef Robakowski in collaboration with Witold Krymarys, two neo-avant-garde multimedia artists from Łódź, specialised in photography, film, and video art. The film shows the happening organised by Łódź Kaliska, i.

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This provoked a conflict regarding the authorship of the film: was it the camera operators Robakowski and Krymarys or the Łódź Kaliska members, who performed in front of the cameras. It is also worth noting that the film featured many other persons, apart from those already mentioned, i.

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Paradoxically, the conflict illustrates the creative contribution of the filmmakers who participated in the events not only by recording them but also actively created them. By means of pitch-in they gathered funds for vodka and potatoes, as a snack, which well reflected a slightly poor and slightly decadent atmosphere of The Attic. Sources: Marek Janiak ed.

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Łódź Kaliska ed. Polska sztuka wideo ", Wrocław

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